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Hey! I am Laura and I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a hairstylist.


When I found out my High School had a cosmetology program I was all in. Right after school I began working in a Hair Salon in Michigan where I was born and raised.


I soon learned that I wanted a change of scenery and I found a great Salon to work at in Atlanta. After 11 years in a big busy salon I decided going solo was right for me.

The best thing I ever did was adopt a dog named Jerry. He is a Golden Retriver / Cocker Spaniel mix and we love all the same things... eat, sleep and walking!

I also have a passion for cooking and trying out new restaurants. And when I can I love to travel and see new parts of the world.




You will recieve a text and email from my booking site Vagaro. By opening the text message you are confirming the appointment.

If you need to change your appointment please text me at 517-304-3777.


At your visit I will go through a thorough consultation and I will keep asking at each appointment what you would like to change.

Also feel free to text me any pictures

of what you would like to do with

your hair.

 Between Appointments

You can keep an eye out for my monthly newsletter.


Be sure to friend me on Facebook and Instagram to see my work and maybe

you will be featured on there too!

First Appointment
I am located by the LA fitness next to the disco Kroger shopping center. There is parking right out front of
Salon Studios
3232 Peachtree Rd suite B 117 Atlanta GA 30305
 When you enter Salon Suites I am down Redhead way in room 117.


 Maintenance Plan


Short hair - every 4 weeks

Medium Hair - 6 weeks

Long Hair - 8 to 10 weeks

Anyone gets split ends after 12 weeks!

Base Color

4- 6 weeks


8-12 weeks


Refresh toner 10-12 weeks

Balayage - 6 months

Extension Maintenance

beaded .HEIC
Beaded Row

8-10 weeks

Hair can be reused up to a year.

Tape Hair

6-8 weeks

Hair can be reused 2-3 times.

Permanent Hair Extensions
Strand by Strand

4 months

Fusion hair can't be reused.

Beaed Hair can be reused 2-3 times.

Bonded Toppers

4 weeks

Hair can be reused up 8-12 months.

Clip In Toppers

no maintaince

Hair can be reused up to1 year or depending how often its worn.

Hair Extensions

I love to help woman with fine and thinning hair feel more confident by adding hair extensions. There are many different types of hair extensions and I take many classes to keep up with the latest and greatest hair and techniques.

My favorite for fine hair is tape hair extensions. Tape is an inch to two inch strip of hair with a medical grade of adhesive on the back side of the strip. A tiny silver of your hair is sandwiched with two strips of extensions and place away from the hairline and the part to blend into your hair. They are very light weight and is very gentle on the hair. A few can be added for thickness or more to get thickness and length.

Beaded Row Extensions is another type of hair extension that starts with a beaded base and then a weft of hair is sewn into the beaded base. This type of hair extension is good for someone with thicker hair that wants long hair now or on fine hair to add a hidden row of thickness to your hair.

Individual Strand by Strand hair extensions can be used to add a piecey look and give the hair a lot of movement. Strand by Strand hair can is attached by a keratin bond that is heated and then molded around a small strand of hair. Strand by Strand can also be attached with a bead and in this method the hair can be reused.

Bonded Toppers is also called a crown extension to cover the top of your head. If you can see through your part this the type of extension you need. This can be attached with medical grade glue or fusion (heated keratin bond).

Clip in toppers are perfect for someone who has thinning in their part line but isn't ready for anything permanent. These top extensions come in many different sizes and are attached with bendy clips. The clips make it easy for taking them in and out and just wearing when needed.

Scalp Facials

In the quest to help people with hairloss I am offering scalp facials. Why do we take such good care of our skin but not our scalp? If our follicles get clogged then our hair can't grow thick and healthy. I use a Canadian brand called Odjibik (O -zi -bik) in my scalp facials, the word means origin or root. The line emphases the importance of our roots and if they aren't taken care of then our hair can't grow thick and healthy.

The scalp facial starts with a little aroma therapy. Then applying a scalp exfoliator and a scalp massage. Heat will be applied to steam and remove build up on the scalp, then shampooed and deep conditioned. Followed by applying the scalp serum and then finished with a beautiful blowout. This service can be added to a haircut but it is not recommended to add it to a hair color appointment. 


Treatment frequency is 2 times per month for 2 months and then once a month is recommended. For urgent scalp issues a visit every 3 days.


Home care: Odjibik Root Regenerating Shampoo does not use toxic chemicals. It has a minty formula that cools down the scalp with salicylic acid to fight inflammation in the scalp. It is recommended to shampoo every or every other day. 

Instant Fix & Protect Conditioner using aloe leaf it naturally fills in the gaps of the cuticle of the hair.

Scalp Serum uses sodium hyaluranate to deeply hydrate the scalp and stimulates the scalp with vitamins. Pumpkin seed extract is used as a natural DHT blocker. It reduces inflammation and increases circulation to the scalp to see an improvement in 1- 2 months of daily use.


Roots Professional is for the client that is ready to go the medicated route for treating hairloss. Roots has a hair stimulating shampoo and conditioner one with CBD and one without. CBD is good for decreasing inflammation in the scalp. Then they have minoxidil which is a medication that has been around a long time and has been successful in growing hair in men and women. On top of the minoxidil or just on its own you can use the daily follicle supplements. These are vitamins for the scalp and they come in a couple of different formulas.


Davines is the product line I choose to work with because its a clean line that does what it says it does. The packaging can be recycled or reused.

My favorite Davines products are in the Oi line: Shampoo, conditioner, hair milk, oil they are made with Roucou oil  for a lightweight moisture and can be used on all hair types. It is also really great on hair extensions.


For every client your refer I will send you a $20 gift card

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