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Women's Haircut                           $75
Men's Haircut                                   $55
Kids Haircut                                      $55
Blowdry/Style                                   $55
Keratin                                              $250- $350
Base Color                                          $80
Partial Highlights                             $110 and up
Full Highlights                                  $135 and up
Balayage                                             $145

Shadow Root                                     $55

Davines Mask                                     $20

Malibu C crystal gels                        $40

Malibu C packets                               $10

Scalp Facials

Facial                                                     $45

Add conditioning treatment        +$10

Add blowout                                     +$55

Hair Extensions

Consultation                                    FREE

We will decide which type of extensions suit your hair and then match color density and give an exact price. A deposit of half the service will be taken to reserve your appointment.


Tape Extensions

Prices are estimates: includes hair, installation and haircut to blend into your natural hair.

                                 12 inch  16 inch  20 inch       

Thickness                     $258      $288       $350

Length & Thickness   $486      $546       $670

Very Thick                    $714      $804       $990 

Pop of color                                $118

Maintenance - every 6 to 8 weeks




Beaded Row

Prices are estimates: includes hair, installation and haircut to blend into your natural hair.


                                    14 inch  18 inch   22inch

Thickness                        $280      $330        $678

Length & Thickness      $560      $660        $790

Very Thick                       $635      $735        $1167

Maintenance- every 6 to 8 weeks


Top Piece Hair Extensions

Prices are estimates: includes hair, installation and haircut to blend into your natural hair.


Hairdreams                   $1600

Revive                            $1400

Maintenance - every 4 to 6 weeks  $250


Top volume mini           $720-$1095

Top volume max           $1194-$1545




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"Beautiful Hair Starts from Healthy Scalp and Root"
We adopt a skincare approach for hair care.

Plant-derived natural ingredients, Free of harsh chemicals such as sulphate, paraben, petrochemical, synthetic color and also against animal cruelty.
Effective for dry, brittle, damaged, thinning hair as well as for eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis.


Roots Professional
Utilizing a unique and powerful combination of  DHT blockers, natural anti-inflammatories, and stimulants, it is the ultimate solution to better hair. 
Designed to grow hair thicker, longer, and healthier, Imperium also adds instantaneous volume.
Direct Follicle Supplementation:
Power Up - Utilizing the most advanced liposome skin care delivery system available, powerful ingredients travel to the hair follicle itself and time release, leading to a massive infusion of stimulation which leads to thicker and healthier hair. 
D-Stress - Understanding that stress can be a major trigger in thinning hair, especially in women, D-stress is designed to create a calming effect deep within the hair to enrich the root and reverse damage. 
CARE - A first of its kind, CARE, takes into consideration more extreme hair issues that require the gentlest in support.  There are many ways to create better hair, but after extreme conditions which lead to irritation and hair fall, a client needs effective treatment without medication or harsh ingredients. 
Power Extensions - Longer and stronger hair is at your command utilizing a collection of stimulating and anti-aging ingredients designed to super charge your hair to the max.  Also, promotes crucial strength for better support of hair extensions. 


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