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I love to help clients with their hair issues and find solutions. Working in a private studio where I can listen and come up with a plan to give you the hair you have been looking for is what gets me so excited. I have been trained in many types of Hair Extension methods, classically trained in Hair cutting, custom Hair coloring to match your Hair Extensions. 

Hair Extensions are great for anyone wanted a little confidence boast. If you have fine and thinning hair and want thicker hair then hair extensions can be a great option for you.


Or if you want long hair now and don't want to wait for your hair to grow out hair extensions can be a great choice to have put in so that you leave your hair alone while it grows out.


Hair Extensions can also be used for adding pops of color to your hair without damaging your hair.

When you decide you are ready to get Hair Extensions the first thing to do is book a consultation.

At the consultation we will:

  • figure out which Extension method is right for you

  • match your hair color

  • give you an exact price

  • take a deposit for the Hair

  • an appointment will be scheduled


NTP_LauraElleBarrett_34 (1).jpg

Tape Hair Extensions are a strip of hair attached to a tiny silver of your hair with a medical grade adhesive and then enclosed with another strip of hair.


These extensions are great for fine/thin hair because they lay really flat to the head and are placed where they are hidden and can still be worn in a ponytail.

A few extensions can be added and then cut to your length to add thickness or add more to get length and thickness.


Tape Extensions last about 4-6 weeks in the hair and then they need to be removed and then can be retaped and put back in up to 3 times.


Tape Extensions also come in a handful of bright fun color for a fun change without having to color your hair.

Hair Extensions
Permanent Hair Extensions

Individual Hair Extensions are a very thin piece of hair attached with a keratin bond or bead. A bunch of little pieces of hair are attached to your hair to give a very custom and natural moving hair. A full head of hair can be around a 100 pieces of hair.


Keratin tip Hair Extensions can last in the hair about 3 months and the hair cannot be reused.


Beaded Extensions can also last 3 months in the hair and the hair can be reused.

Beaded Hair Extensions use wefted Hair Extensions and is attached to a beaded base in your hair also called a braidless sew in.


These Extensions are great on hair that is past your shoulders and thicker hair that you want long now! These are also great for adding color to your hair without having to color your hair.


Beaded wefts need to be touched up every 8-12 weeks and the hair can be reused 6-12 months before being replaced.

beaded .HEIC
beaded extensions.HEIC

Topper Hair Extensions are Hair Extension that are attached to the top of your head. This is good for someone who has thining hair and you can see the scalp. These extensions come in many different sizes to fit each situation and attached with clips.
The hair can also be cut and colored to blend perfectly into your hair. These extensions can be washed and worn on your own for months.
Also Topper Hair Extensions can be permanently attached to the hair with adhesive so that you can wake up with hair in. This is best for hair with visible hair loss and has exhausted all other hair treatments.

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