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Hair Wash



The first thing to do when you notice hairloss is to book an appointment with a dermatologist and get blood work done to see if there are any vitamin deficiencies, or irregularities that can be corrected.

While you are waiting on a doctor appointment you can also make an appointment with me and we can go through a full consultation to figure out what treatment is best for you. Hairloss is very unique to each individual and genetics and aging play a big part into it. 

I offer scalp facials that assist in exfoliating the scalp and preparing it for healthy hair growth. This will help the products you use at home absorb better and keep from building up on the scalp.

I recommend you come in for a scalp facial twice a month for the first two months and then once a month. For urgent scalp issues you can come in every 3 days.

Following up at home with the recommended shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum. Remember that consistency is key! Hair grows in 3 month cycles so you may not see any results for 3 months so please stick with it!

Low Level Laser Treatment LLLT

uses lasers lights to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and reduce oxidative stress. 


Laser have been FDA cleared to grow hair and are backed by clinical trials, it is a drug free treatment with no known side effects. But here is some information on choosing which laser to purchase.


Laser light have been clinically proven to promote hair growth. They deliver high energy and a more direct light.


LED lights have not been clinically proven to promote hair growth. They don't deliver high energy and don't have a direct light.  That is what makes some lasers less expensive because they have mostly LED lights.

Dentist, orthopedist, dermatologist, veterinarian, physical therapist and sports medicine all use laser therapy.

There are laser combs that are the size of a hair brush that can be used to target just a certain spot of hairloss. They are great for traveling and are usually less expensive.

A Laser Band is simply a band that has combs on it to part the hair so the light can get through to the scalp. This is best on someone with minimal hairloss.

Laser Caps are better on someone with more diffused thinning so that it can get right to the scalp and cover more surface.

Hair grows in 3 month cycles so you won't see results over night with a laser. The key is to consistently use the laser to see results. If you know you won't remember to use the laser as directed this may not be the best option for you.


Make sure to take a picture before you start using the laser and check back every 3 months. Also follow the directions on the frequency for the laser that you purchase.

I have chosen to offer my clients only the highest quality lasers that are FDA cleared and supported by clinical studies. They are also true lasers and not LED. 



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