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CARE - A first of its kind, Roots CARE, takes into consideration more extreme hair issues that require the gentlest in support. There are many ways to create better hair, but after extreme conditions which lead to irritation and hair fall, a client needs effective treatment without medication or harsh ingredients. CARE represents our commitment to the most delicate needs in hair repair and supplementation.

D- STRESS - Understanding that stress can be a major trigger in thinning hair, especially in women, Roots D-stress Topical is designed to create a calming effect deep within the hair to enrich the root and reverse damage. Also includes key hair stimulants for optimal support. State of the art proactive anti-aging direct to the follicle for someone of any age.

POWER EXTENSIONS - Longer and stronger hair is at your command utilizing a collection of stimulating and anti-aging ingredients designed to super charge your hair to the max in Roots Power Extensions. Also, promotes crucial strength for better support of hair extensions. Water based formula will not harm the bonding of extensions.

POWER UP - Utilizing the most advanced liposome skin care delivery system available, powerful ingredients travel to the hair follicle itself and time release, leading to a massive infusion of stimulation which leads to thicker and healthier hair. Roots Power Up will literally help to energize any other scalp topical as well as create better results. Can be used alone or to “POWER UP” the efficacy of any other growth product. Apply twice a day for optimum results.

  • Safe for all hair types
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in the USA
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